Build a career in the automotive industry

Get involved in the exciting world of cars by enrolling today with the Automotive Training Centre (ATC). With campuses in Toronto, Montreal and Surrey, the school offers accessible training for a career in the automotive industry. Here are some of the benefits of studying with ATC:

In the ever-changing automotive industry, demand for collision repair has remained and will remain consistent in good times and bad. Put simply, accidents will always happen and cars are always going to collide. What this means is that there will always be a need for well-trained graduates of collision repair schools and career-training programs.

Collision Repair courses are held at ATC Surrey, the newest Automotive Training Centre campus. Situated on nearly 2 acres of land, the easily accessible and centrally located campus boasts over 15,000 square feet of progressive and cutting edge training facilities. Students in the Collision Repair Trades faculty will be full immersed, gaining hands-on experience with the latest equipment, software and tools.

The Auto Mechanic Training program provides students with organized learning experiences along with actual shop training, to equip them with the necessary knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair real automotive problems.

The combination of both classroom theory (40%) and hands-on training (60%) offers the auto mechanic student the experiences that are required for entry-level Auto Mechanic Jobs. This Auto Mechanic Pre-Apprenticeship program prepares students to engage in the servicing and maintenance of all types and makes of cars. The Automotive Training Centre Instructors all have relevant field experience and provide a practical and knowledgeable source of education to our students.

=> Educators with hands-on experience

=> Small class sizes

=> Full time as well as part time courses

=> Job-search assistance

=> Affordable tuition fees

=> Available online courses

Students are trained using the most modern techniques and technologies available to ensure that they are well prepared to enter the workforce. Instruction is both theoretical and practical, and makes use of interactive media and software. Courses offered include:

=> Automotive service technician

=> Auto mobile estimator

=> Certification in auto sales and leasing

=> Fixed operation specialist

=> Automotive service provider

=> Certification in automotive detailing

=> Automotive parts clerk (specialist)

=> Automotive Pre-Apprenticeship program prepares students to engage in the servicing and maintenance of all types and makes of cars. The Automotive Training Centre Instructors all have relevant field experience and provide a practical and knowledgeable source of education to our students.

=> Educators with hands-on experience

=> Small class sizes

=> Full time as well as part time courses

=> Job-search assistance

=> Affordable tuition fees

=> Available online courses

Students are trained using the most modern techniques and technologies available to ensure that they are well prepared to enter the workforce. Instruction is both theoretical service consultant

=> Automotive mechanic

If you’re interested in breaking into the automotive industry, the Automotive Training Centre has the courses for you. Whether you’re interested part-time or full-time study, we can accommodate your needs. Visit our website today to find out more!

Why You Need Professional Automotive Services Providers?

Vehicle maintenance and repair, nowadays, has become a frustrating responsibility that is eating up your precious time and diverting your attention from the core-business. After all, you earn money by managing your business and not wasting energies on fixing cars and trucks. Situations get worse when you’re in the Black town area and desperately need the best truck and car repairs. In such scenario, you can rely on the services of professional automotive companies.
But before choosing a company as your automotive service provider you must know what really they can offer to you.
Here is the complete list of services that they offer:

1. Black Town Vehicle Repairs

If you are struck in a Blacktown having a professional automotive service provider by your side is a big relief. Their expert truck/car repair specialists will have your vehicle back on the road and in brilliant working order in no time.

2.Mechanical Truck Repairs

Good vehicle maintenance companies offer a full complement of repairs including:

Brakes service and repair.

Suspension service and repair

Engine re-conditioning.

Clutch and gearbox repairs.

Diff service and repair.

Cooling service and repair.

Air-conditioning service and repair.

3.Fleet Vehicle Repairs

Apart from individual vehicle repair services, automotive enterprises also offer fleet repairs and maintenance services. Several truck and bus companies undertake such services to get rid from the mess of regular maintenance, repair and huge expenses. It makes sure that people have fewer costly breakdowns and ensures maximum efficiency.

4.Emergency Breakdown Services

Professional automotive service companies will offer you emergency breakdown services for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It ensures your un-interrupted journeys for 365 days a year.

5.Light, Heavy Vehicle Repairs

Best automotive service provider companies also have options of repair and maintenance of other light and heavy vehicles. They can offer you services such as:

Log book services

Registration inspections

Tune-ups and major services.

Tyres and wheel balancing and much, much more.

6.Door to Door Services

Best part of professional maintenance companies is that that they provide services at the locations convenient to you. Their mobile repair van is always ready to conduct repairs and maintenance of your vehicle at a time and place that is apt for you.

7.Special maintenance services

They can offer a maintenance program which is tailored specifically for your fleet, car, trucks and other light/heavy vehicles. A specific maintenance schedule will keep your vehicle in good health and ensures its longevity.

8.Follow up

If you are not 100% satisfied with the repair and maintenance services, then you can register a complaint within seven days. Your problems will be sorted out under the follow up policy of the company. If you not satisfied again, you will get back the full payment.


Hiring professional automotive service providers can save you lots of money as proper fleet maintenance and repair decreases expensive down time. Loss of precious time leads to lost income and lost profitability, thus 24 into 7 services offered by such companies ensures that your vehicle gets back on the road as soon as possible.

Automotive Leads Sites: Learn Here

This is the web world where everything is bound to happen faster and also at a lightning speed. Internet has actually ushered in a whole new era in the communication world while enabling people to grow their network faster and of course wider. Needless to say that this communication world is actually growing at a rapid pace and has touched almost all sphere of life in both personal and professional front. Quite as an obvious result the overall influence of this state of the art and modernized communication has also an incredible impact on the increased traffic, sales and revenue for businesses. Whether it is clothes, daily cosmetic products, automotive and ornaments, hundreds of people are actually searching for them on the World Wide Web. Recent research reveals that people searching the internet for buying things are far more than the ones watching television. Curiously, the younger generation is also using the World Wide Web to look for important information, send or receive mails, or to simply socialize on the sites such as twitter and Facebook. Business owners are also not lagging behind when it comes to the point of using internet in the favor of their business. Well, it’s pretty interesting that businesses are actually following the internet closely for increasing exposure in the online world. To be honest, the situation is no different in case of the auto lead sites who want to beat the ever evolving competition of immediate competitors.

However, it is by employing the sheer technique of search engine optimization many US based car lead generating websites have been able to yield the maximum benefit as well as generate sales in a typical way like never before. Face this, one of the primary aspects or to be precise concerns for the automotive dealers

One of the main concerns for automotive dealers is to find more leads that can actually help the business growing. However, that’s too hard to accomplish as automotive sale leads condition are not quite the same everywhere. It goes without saying that for rather successful deals your auto lead site should be visible to the prospective audience. While the established automotive leads generating sites are relying on state of the at online marketing technique for attracting rather qualified leads however, the not so well established sites are often failing in generating leads. This means, automotive dealers should and must weigh up their lead prospects first prior purchasing any leads.

As things stand now, it is now the compulsion for almost every auto lead site to generate good, effective and quality leads from one source or other. Dealership can access the leads for a particular price. Stay assured that quality auto leads can actually usher in more business opportunities.

A quick tip for auto dealers – In order to capture your share in this online market, your dealership should have an active social presence. For Facebook, you can create a fan page for your dealership and then invite people to be a fan of your dealership page. Also, post to your page about the current and upcoming sales or about the latest cars in inventory. Also, do not over rule the growing popularity of twitter in generating some effective automotive leads on your own!

Auto Bulbs: What types of Automotive Bulbs are there?

With continuous advancement in lighting technology no one will want to be left out in the emerging lighting experiences. In fact, it is unfathomable to experience a horrifying car lighting failure while driving in a dark atmosphere, when you can easily get the dependable auto bulbs available in the markets. The sleek auto bulbs have revolutionized the lighting field with their brightest illumination of the road in literally all road conditions-rainy, dark nights, etc.

It is not only the advanced lighting technology that you can admire with the automotive bulbs, but also the style or design of manufacture that presents the most alluring site to ever look at. In addition, they auto bulbs are of super quality and come in varying sizes. So any client who is willing to have the bulbs for his/her car will be assured of a safe glide.

But before making the purchase, it is wise to know what types of automotive bulbs are there for the take. You may ask yourself whether auto bulbs LED xenon HID kits conversions are available for your car all car types. If you are such kind of a person then you are in for a real shock. Auto bulbs are manufactured with the clients in mind; so you can possibly grab any car bulbs you opt for from the fabulous options available.

Some of the auto bulbs you will find in the after markets include Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chrysler, Daewoo, Eagle, Fiat, Geo, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jeep, Lamborghini, Lexus automotive bulbs and may others.

LED xenon bulbs are designed to provide white light at very less power utilization; so it is very possible to produce three times brighter light with the LED auto bulbs than with the traditional halogen bulbs. Besides, being the best light to use as headlights, they also have the greatest longevity and very easy to install. You only need the illustration guides and videos and some hand tools to install these lights. Even the modern automobile halogen bulbs are very efficient in energy consumption and powerful in terms of light intensity emitted. So if you purchase any of these automotive bulbs, you will be guaranteed, a visibility you will live to remember for the rest of your life time.

Another type of auto bulbsyou may look for in the custom market is the long life car bulbs, which are also very efficient in energy consumption and lasts longer. However, the auto bulbs are quite expensive than halogen auto bulbs.

Not all auto bulbs are used in the car, so as you go shopping for lighting system that can suit your car look for car head lights, car tail lights, car fog lights, car brake lights and car side lights from the available automotive bulb options. The type of LED headlights that are available can be found in sizes of 1-5/8 inch diameter, wide as well as narrow viewing angle. So if you are yearning for a wider angle view, or a harrow angle view, you will surely get exactly that.

In case you are not sure of what type of auto bulbs are there to correctly fit in your car, we have avenues to help you easily carry out auto bulbs search by model or year, by login auto bulbs.